First Parish Church in Weston

The Mary Jo Rines Gallery at First Parish Church
Presents An Exhibit of Impressionistic Landscapes & Still Lifes by Bruce Bauman

In The Mary Jo Rines Gallery at First Parish from November 22, 2013 - January 9, 2014

Mr. Bauman will be in the Rines Gallery for a reception on Sunday, December 1, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.
We hope you'll plan to come to meet him and learn more about his work.

Fruit & Floral

Adams Salmon Camp

Medfield Marsh

Bruce A. Bauman
New England Impressionist

Bruce A. Bauman's painting instincts were most likely instilled at the foot of his mother's easel where as a young child he scribbled with crayons while his mother painted portraits. When the muse struck, Mr. Bauman signed on to study full time with Paul Ingbretson at the Ingbretson Atelier for five years, and from there went to study landscape painting with Robert Douglas Hunter.

Mr. Bauman has had four one-man shows, the last in New York City and his work has also been exhibited in juried shows at The Copley Society, The Duxbury Art Center, Boston Symphony and other venues. His paintings are held in both corporate and individual collections.

Initially trained in an academic format, Mr. Bauman's approach has become more impressionistic, and he now focuses primarily on landscapes and still life. In terms of technique, you will find evidence of both the palette knife and the brush in Mr. Bauman's paintings. As with most artists, Mr. Bauman's work is evolving through stages, an ongoing metamorphosis as the artist develops skills which become the conduit for the expression of creative impulses. 

Mr. Bauman prefers to capture the immediacy of nature by painting “en plein aire” on site, although from time to time he also works from photographs. Locations depicted in the current show range from the Charles River and its tributaries, to salmon fishing camps in Canada.

The Bottom line for the artist is, “You have to paint your personality, otherwise your art will lack depth and meaning. For me, art started out as a kind of intellectual exercise, learning to see relationally and evaluate color and values. The real meat in art is composition and design. The hard work only begins after you learn how to paint. The question then becomes what do you paint”. The answer to that must be found within the soul of the artist. Through a personal translation of color and light, the artist hopes to strike a resonant emotional chord with the viewer.

Mr. Bauman paints out of a studio in Dedham Ma. and his work can be seen on the web (see link below) and by appointment at his studio. His other passions include fly fishing (particularly for bonefish, tarpon and permit), fly tying and billiards.

Roses & Peonies

New England

Please visit Bruce's website

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Gallery Exibit History

About the Mary Jo Rines Gallery At First Parish

The Gallery At First Parish opened September 17, 2000.

On September 13, 2011, the Standing Committee voted to name the Gallery in honor of its founder,
Mary Jo Rines, who died on September 4, 2011. A special exhibit of Mary Jo’s work was on display
in the Gallery from September 20 – September 30, 2011.

Its purpose, as described by the founders:

The mission of The Gallery At First Parish is to add another dimension
to the spiritual fabric of our lives by exhibiting the work of visual artists
who seek to contribute to a deeper understanding of the human condition.

The Gallery is intended to be a service to the parish, the artist and the wider community.

It is open to the public without charge 9 AM – 4 PM weekdays, and 9 AM – 12:30 PM Sundays.
Interested parties may also call the Church Office (781-893-7798) for other possible viewing times.

Exhibits are listed in the First Parish Event Calendar.

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Gallery Committee

On September 12, 2000, the Standing Committee established the
Art Gallery Committee as an ad hoc committee with no expiration date.
The members of the committee are appointed by the Standing Committee.

Karen Gallagher, appointed 2011
Larry Grob, appointed 2011
Ginnie Hibbard, appointed 2008
Sharyn Lenhart Price, appointed 2013
Sylvia Whitman, Chair, appointed 2005
Tom Wintle, Senior Minister

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