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"Linda J. Hirsch: Movement and Magic"

At the First Parish Art Gallery — October 29, 2010 - December 10, 2010

LINDA J. HIRSCH, a Photographer, Photojournalist, and Psychologist, creates documentary as well as mixed-media pieces. Her Photojournalism began in the late 1970’s with Georgia Litwack (a disciple of Minor White ~ MIT) at DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA. Later she studied with Ulrike Welsch (Harvard University CLL). Her curiosity led her to explore Holography with Steve Benton at Harvard, hand-made paper at Rugg Road Paper with Joe Zina, Bernie Toale, and Susan Haas, alternative processes with Laura Blacklow, computer-generated Iris prints onto a variety of surfaces with Jonathan Singer Editions of Boston and workshops with Karin Rosenthal and Fran Forman.


Work by HIRSCH has appeared in publications and numerous exhibitions ranging from local to international. Pieces have been commissioned for archives and private collections (eg: Estate of Buckminster Fuller; HH the Dalai Lama; Anne Frank House; Brandeis University; Wellesley College; Harvard U. FXB Center). Jurors who have accepted and awarded her work include: Ken White, Evon Streetman, Deborah Johnson, Craig Stevens, George Tice, Duane Michals, van Deren Coke, Irene Shwachman, Meredyth Moses, Barbara Krakow, Ellen Miller, Adam Weinberg, Jessica Nicoll, Anita Douthat, Terrance Morash, Leslie Brown, Judy Dater, Johanna Soltan, Elizabeth Opalnik, Susan Stoops, Dr. Therese Mulligan, Rachel Lafo and Lou Jones.


In 2000, HIRSCH semi-retired from full-time commercial/function photography to renew her passion for human rights and photo-journalism. In February 2001, she commenced ongoing photo-documentation of and assistance to a small Jewish community in Cienfuegos, Cuba. She has maintained contact over time, enabled by a personal resource network in Canada, the US, and Cuba. She has curated several exhibits about human rights issues and about various aspects of life in Cuba. HIRSCH is actively seeking venues for this work and for events to benefit ongoing Cuban assistance efforts and her documentary project. HIRSCH has been awarded two Puffin Foundation grants aimed at encouraging usage of photography and computer technology by Cuban Jews, especially the youths, to express themselves and engage in internationally interactive, educational projects about their search for spiritual renewal and religious identity (“Lifestories”). She has devoted the past decade to Cuban connections; her work is available for presentation, exhibit, sale and commission. Getty images has expressed interest in representing her work.

Centripetals 1

Centripetals 6


This type of photo-collage I call “centripetal”, which means “radiating outward from a central fixed point”. Each colorful collage is layered. Sometimes up to three layers of repeated or varied images are used, each photo-layer is rotated on a different axis. The images form a whorling, circular, abstract design which suggests movement. Some portions curl and bow, adding depth and texture.

These design-oriented arrangements are described by mentor, Georgia Litwack, as: “Whimsical and yet assertive...truly imaginative...showing the ability to handle color for its own sake.” Others who routinely jury photography shows have seen, critiqued, and accepted the work in national competitions (e.g. Estelle Jussim, Ken White, and Barbara Crane).

The first such images were my way of grieving over the death of my father. The healing process occurred through the integration of fragmented imagery in the form of photographic montages. It was similar to the process of doing jigsaw puzzles I had done focus my energy. The circular imagery resulted from my love for movement, for Buddhist mandala motifs and for circles in general. Touches of spirituality, whimsy, and irony (sometimes political) are evident upon close inspection.

I actually pinned some of my first pieces to fabric stretched over quilting hoops because some of my artist friends were quilters. I still find much inspiration in quilts and these pieces are indeed a form of photo-quilt, pinned at critical points with delicate silver-headed silk and colorful ball-headed map pins for accent.

The earliest series consisted of ordinary C prints (non-archival) and evolved from experiments with b&w archival xerox "sketches". Newer (archival) pieces, done twenty years later, evolved from film-captured images which I scanned, digitized, manipulated, printed, cut, layered (after several layout trials) and pinned to foam core. Over time, I developed an eye for images with dynamic and visual potential (eg: architectural, graphic, highly textured details). Work for one exhibit resulted from a combination of spontaneous experiments and dreams ("conjurings").

Mandala images from my Tibetan portfolios or some of my circus images would be appropriate and a challenge to re-interpret. There are many sources of inspiration for and within these meditative and intriguing pieces. Expanding the parameters would also be fun (eg: freeing/abstracting the form; making constructions larger/ more 3-D).



(list available upon request): Since the late 1970's: numerous juried shows (local, regional, national, international)

Memberships (active):
Texas Photo Society; PRC; PCNW; CMCA; Artists for Survival; Arts/Wayland; NHAA; Newburyport AA; Concord AA Distinguished Artist Member); PPAM; ASPP; WIP (Women in Photog.)

Private collections (eg: New England; NY; Hawaii); Anne Frank House (Netherlds.); Buckminster Fuller archives; HH the Dalai Lama archives

Clients (selected):
Brandeis U.; Harvard U. (FXB Center); Wellesley College; Marjorie Agosin; Pisces Moon Theatre (Santa Clara, CA); portrait subjects include Buckminster Fuller, many world musicians & artists (eg: Baaba Maal; Angelique Kidjo; Papa Wemba; Habib Koite; Gil Rose). Wedding/function/portrait/other client referrals available upon request.

Numerous prizes in regional and national juried shows (eg: Galerie Lumiere (Georgia); NewburyportAA; NHAA) Puffin Foundation grants (May ‘07; Feb. ‘09) for documentary project (“Lifestories”), enabling uses of photography/tech media by Cuban Jewish teenagers/families; Millenium First Night Boston (1999) grant for public art project; Reform Judaism (Achiever's Citation , Fall 2007, p. 99).

– "LINDA HIRSCH: CUBA: Threads of Hope & Renewal” (Jan.-Feb. 2010) -- Villa Victoria Center for the Arts designed exhibit w/Evan Garza, Curator
– "Cuba ~ Hay Luz y Sombra" (March-May 2005) ~ Panopticon Gallery (Waltham)
– "Montuno" (Dec. 2002) ~ TCAN (Natick)
– "Artists for Survival" (Spring 1993) ~ Framingham State College (Mazmanian Gallery)

Recent Articles about Work (selected):
– numerous online postings re: “LINDA HIRSCH: CUBA: Threads of Hope & Renewal”–
– El Mundo (Feb. 2010)
– Jewish Advocate (Jan. 22, 2010)

– Boston Globe (Jan. 17; Jan. 21, 2010)
– Jewish Chronicle (Feb. 22, 2007)
– Town Crier: Wayland/Weston/Sudbury (Feb. 22, 2007)
– Metrowest Daily News/Framingham (Feb. 22, 2007)
– Boston Phoenix (Dec. '04)
– Boston Globe (Dec. '03, Dec. '04), Names Column

– Jewish Advocate (Dec. 2003)

Recently Published by Me:
– numerous online postings re: “LINDA HIRSCH: CUBA: Threads of Hope & Renewal”
– Jewish Advocate (Jan. 22, 2010)
– Boston Globe (Jan. 17; Jan. 21, 2010)

– Town Crier ; Metrowest Daily News (Wayland, Weston, Sudbury, Framingham TAB) (Spring 2009)
– Jerusalem Post (Magazine: "Zooming In", July 10, 2008)
– Jewish Chronicle (Feb. 22, 2007)
– Town Crier: Wayland/Weston/Sudbury (Feb. 22, 2007)
– Metrowest Daily News/Framingham (Feb. 22, 2007)
– Forward (Sept. 22, '06): image: Anne Frank statue defaced by swastika on its back ("Behind her Back")
– Wellesley Alumnae Magazine (5/05) - photo-essay/back cover -Tibetan Buddhist mandala project
– Forward (Dec. 24, '04): Photo-essay on Jewish Cuba

Media Interviews:
– FORUM (WGBH/PBS/NPR): Winter 2010
– "That's Art" (Wayland cable -- over a decade of interviews);
– Radio Sefarad (2/25/09) -- Sephardic radio station in Spain:
– bilingual interview with music: Cómo ayudar a los judíos de Cuba, con Linda Hirsch
– WVIE (Baltimore): "Shalom USA" (7/27/08):
– WPON (Detroit): "Jewish Hour" (10/10/07);
– WBUR/NPR: "Here & Now" (9/20/07): (search for Linda Hirsch)

LINDA J. HIRSCH, photo-journalist
7 highgate road
wayland, massachusetts 01778
508.653.0161; 508.202.2923


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