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Marla Greenfield

At the First Parish Art Gallery - March 10, 2006 - April 28, 2006

Artist’s Statement: I am drawn to watercolors because of the transparency and the luminosity I can achieve with them. I paint primarily to depict the beauty of light and the delicacy of the medium enables me to capture the range of variations in value and color that light reveals, from striking to subtle. The objects I paint are mostly an excuse to paint the light that plays off their surfaces. Sometimes the light is reflective and creates almost abstract patterns of that which surrounds it. Other times it is translucent as in "Bougainvillea".

The light is often defined by the absence of paint, the white of the paper, augmented by colorful and interestingly shaped shadows. In watercolor specifically, planning for and leaving the lights constantly challenges me, as does the task of creating wide value variations with numerous glazes, to get those deep darks. The need for planning does not eliminate my spontaneity, which happens as the colors merge and bleed beautifully on the paper within shapes, often the shadow shapes a characteristic unique to watercolor that I love to observe. The shadow shapes offer me a chance to enhance the hues that I see with the colors of my palette. And the luminosity of the media allows prior layers to show through, revealing an exceptional glow.

I often like to zoom in on my subjects, leading to intimate portraits, closely drawing the viewer in. This is evident in my florals and still lifes. I am also drawn to interiors with sunlight streaming in and scenes from local New England towns, from Nantucket to Maine including porches, store fronts, street scenes, doorways, all illuminated by early morning or late afternoon light. The sun at these times of day, creates the most interesting patterns of light and shadow. I paint things that I find beautiful, situations of find peaceful and calming. I wish to bring those feelings to the viewer.

About the Artist: Marla Greenfield, an award winning watercolorist, has been involved in art since she was a girl. Over the past eight years, she has been concentrating on watercolors almost exclusively, having studied most recently with Andrew Kusmin, past president of the New England Watercolor Society. She is Vice President of the New England Watercolor Society, a signature member and a member of its board. Until 1998, she spent fifteen years in the investment business at Adams Harkness and Hill, an institutional investment firm, seven years as a high tech analyst and the remainder in institutional sales. She retired in January '98 to spend more time with her children and be able to more fully pursue her art career. Her work is currently on display Florentine Frames in Weston Massachusetts. Marla lives in Wayland with her husband and two children.


Wellesley Free Library, Wellesley, MA (SOLO)
Concord Art Association, Concord, MA (SOLO)
Campo di Fiori, Weston, MA (SOLO)

Newton Free Library, Newton, MA (SOLO)

Weston Public Library, Weston, MA (SOLO)

Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA
Cose D'Argilla , Lenox, MA
Wayland Public Library, Wayland, MA (SOLO)

South Wharf Gallery, Nantucket, MA
Arts Around Boston, (juried competition) Boston National Historic Park, Charlestown, MA
" Gone Fishin", Northern Westchester Center for the Arts, Mt Kisco, NY
Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA
Cose D'Argilla, Lenox, MA

Metamorphosis, Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA (SOLO)
Westford Regional Art Event, Juried Competition
"RED" Juried Members' Show, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA
Acacia Gallery, Gloucester, MA
Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA
Loring Gallery, Sheffield, MA

DeCordova Museum Juried Exhibition, Lincoln, MA
Acacia Gallery Group Show, Gloucester, MA
Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA
Wayland Public Library Wayland, MA (SOLO)

New England Watercolor Society

Annual Juried Exhibition, Krasdale Gallery, White Plains, NY, 1998
Concord Art Association, Juried Show, Concord, MA 2000, 1999, 1998
Weston Arts and Crafts Association, Juried Exhibtions, Weston, MA, 1999, 1998

Florentine Frames Weston, MA
Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA,1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
Cose D'Argilla, Lenox, MA, 2000. 2001
Loring Gallery, Sheffield, MA, 1999

Members Show at the Guild of Boston Artists, Newbury Street, Boston, MA, Bronze Medal, 2005
Members Show at the Guild of Boston Artists, Newbury Street, Boston, MA, Honorable Mention, 2004
Members Show at the Guild of Boston Artists, Newbury Street, Boston, MA, Honorable Mention, 2003
New England Juried Show, Creative Arts Center, Chatham, MA: First Place; 2002
New England Juried Show, Attleboro Museum for the Arts, Attleboro, MA: Honorable Mention, 2002
South Shore Arts Center Arts Festival on the Common, Best in Show, 2002
South Shore Arts Center Arts Festival on the Common, Third Place, Watercolors, 2002
New England Watercolor Society Summer 2001
Northern Westchester Center for the Arts, Gone Fishin', Excellence in Watercolor, 2000
Westford Regional Art Event, Best of Show, 1999
Weston Arts and Crafts Association, Spring Awards Show: Honorable Mention, 1998

New England Watercolor Society, Vice President, Signature Member, Board Member, Boston , MA
Concord Art Association, Concord, MA
Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA
Wayland Arts and Crafts Association, Wayland, MA
Weston Arts and Crafts Association, Weston, MA

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Andrew Kusmin, President, New England Watercolor Society
Advanced Technique in Watercolors, January 1998-Present
Ray Doyle, Watercolorist,
Intermediate and Advanced Watercolor Courses. 1997-1998
DeCordova Museum School,
Intermediate and Advanced Watercolor Courses. 1996-1997
Boston University, Masters in Business Administration, 1982
Tufts University, Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 1980

Gallery Exibit History

About the Mary Jo Rines Gallery At First Parish

The Gallery At First Parish opened September 17, 2000.

On September 13, 2011, the Standing Committee voted to name the Gallery in honor of its founder,
Mary Jo Rines, who died on September 4, 2011. A special exhibit of Mary Jo’s work was on display
in the Gallery from September 20 – September 30, 2011.

Its purpose, as described by the founders:

The mission of The Gallery At First Parish is to add another dimension
to the spiritual fabric of our lives by exhibiting the work of visual artists
who seek to contribute to a deeper understanding of the human condition.

The Gallery is intended to be a service to the parish, the artist and the wider community.

It is open to the public without charge 9 AM – 4 PM weekdays, and 9 AM – 12:30 PM Sundays.
Interested parties may also call the Church Office (781-893-7798) for other possible viewing times.

Exhibits are listed in the First Parish Event Calendar.

Gallery Exhibits
(The current or most recent exhibit is the last one listed.)

200001  Washburn  Tingley Bing Wheeler  Mongolian Youth  Grad  
200102 Rines Hsiung Brooks Frankel Dayton    
200203 Baker Randle Kusmin Thurber Ross Warren
200304 Cohen Poirier French Canty Yang    
200405 Cody  Sprayregen  Harper Pettee Ahern    
200506 Zoller Berger  Decaneas  Daley Greenfield Boyle  
200607 Ferrara Dverin Howell Tingley Haas Brown  Cirioni 
200708 Baker Lorenzen Wooding Hsiung Rines Dauge  
200809 St. Clair Mackles Doolin Dioguardi Urban Teens  Flanagan   
200910 Westra Grandin Passman  Fulenwider  Lord    
201011 Platais Hirsch Tischler Scaltreto Rosenbaum Talcott  AllGEN 
201112 Dahlgren Cooper Weeks   Smith   Kahn  Berkley   
201213 Rogers Salter Comerford Historical Goldberg Markoff   
201314 Grob Boyle Bauman Goren Saad Novetsky  
201415 Dayton Lucas i-concepts Sanders Carberry Cohen  
201516 Grob Stoddard  
2016 - 17 Randle         Artists for Humanity

Davis &
von Rumohr

Handy Rines        

Gallery Committee

Mary Jo Rines
Winky Merrill
Toni Junkin
Carol Hinckley
Karen MacDuffie
Betty Lou Marple
Wendy Wrean
Ellen Touart-Grob

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