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Parent Guidelines

Those families who are cultivating the habit of churchgoing are giving their children a precious gift – a gift that enlivens their childhood and provides deep Mother and childand sustaining roots for the future. The simple habit of churchgoing acknowledges that the spiritual life is of value and weaves connections to a web of faithful foks, connections to a religious community that can be life sustaining and life transforming.

We encourage parents to participate in the spiritual growth and learning of our children and youth in two important ways:

  • Attend to your own spiritual journey – Parents who care deeply about their own religious life give their children a clear message that the life of the spirit is important. Young people will notice your priorities even if you never say anything about them! We hope you will take advantage of our adult education offerings throughout the year as well as actively participating in our worship celebration on Sunday mornings.
  • Attend to their spiritual journey – Our religious education programs are cooperatively run and rely on members of the congregation to serve as voluntters in the classroom and at outreach projects. It's never too late or too early to inquire about team-teaching, which is its own form of spiritual practice. Learn more about volunteering with us!

Time for BaptismExpectations for Classroom and Chapel Behavior

We hope that every child will bring all their creativity, thoughfulness, and energy to Chapel and Church School! We strive to create a safe, inclusive environment for everyone. Please help your children get ready to have a fun, safe, and successful learning experience on Sunday mornings by reminding them to respect their classmates, teachers, and other youth or adult volunteers. Each class will create collectively their own class covenant at the beginning of the year that will help guide the tone of their classroom through the year.

If you have any special needs or concerns about your child's behavior or needs in the classroom, please contact DFM Chris Scheller.


Click here for the CORI Check submission form required of those who work with our children

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