First Parish Church in Weston

Grades 1 - 4

Grade 1-2: Superheroes
Our curriculum for Grades 1-2 acquaints students with heroes of scripture and history, men and women who lived their values with courage, wisdom, and faithfulness. Students meet Biblical characters like King David, the Queen of Sheba, Joseph, and Noah. They also learn about more recent historical heroes like Harriet Tubman and famous Unitarian Universalist activists and leaders like Clara Barton and Alexander Graham Bell.

As they learn about these heroes through engaging, hands-on learning activities, children are encouraged to lead their own lives fully, growing spiritually and ethically by tapping into their own "super powers" as they interact with the world around them We steep children in our communal values at an early age, so they understand foundationally that we, like our faith ancestors, value compassion, justice, generosity, and forgiveness.

Grade 3-4: Family of Faith
In Grades 3-4, students dive deeper into the stories of Genesis and Exodus, meeting the Families of Faith that root our religious family tree. From Abraham and Sarah to their descendents Isaac and Jacob, to the famous leader Moses, the characters of ancient scripture are brought to life and made relevant for students. We gift each 3rd grade student with a copy of the DK Illustrated Family Bible to help ensure that they will be able to keep exploring scripture for years to come.

Our "Help a Village: Heifer International" spring unit is one of our most popular with the students! Our class has the opportunity to really live the vaues of our faith by learning about global justice issues and completing their own fundraiser for the renowned international non-profit Heifer International.

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