First Parish Church in Weston

Our Philosophy

Our Mission
The Committee for Children and Youth (CCYM) promotes activities to nurture the religious and spiritual growth of our children and youth and to broaden their understanding of themselves, both as religious persons and members of the wider community.

The CCYM works with the ministerial staff to develop programming and policies for children and youth. Religion Education at First Parish Church is an ongoing faith development process that seeks to involve all members of the contregation throughout their lives and to benefit the entire community.

Our Philosophy
Whenever we gather for worship, fellowship, service, or learning, we are being formed in faith. At the heart of the Christian faith and the Unitarian Universalist tradition are powerful stories of love and faithfulness. We desire to pass on these stories in a way that motivates our children to tackle the challenging questions of meaning and religion throughout their lives.

Our curricula for each grade level have been intentionally crafted to engage children spirtually, morally, socially, and intellectually. We hope the stories they inherit will stick with them throughout their faith development.

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