First Parish Church in Weston

Children's Worship

Angry Bird visits worshipWorship is central to spiritual experience and to the life of the congregation. We provide children with many opportunities to participate in the community's worship life. Music is a central part of our worship together.

Family & AllGEN Sundays
Twice a month on Family Sundays, children join their families in the sanctuary for the first half of the worship service. These services often include a story for all ages from one of our ministerial/program staff and music from the Junior or Youth choirs. Before the sermon, the children are dismissed to go to class with their teachers. On special holiday Sundays throughout the year, we have AllGEN Sundays where all ages worship together in the sanctuary for the entire service.

An Angry Bird visits Family Sunday worship Chapel worship

On Sundays when children do not begin in the sanctuary, children and teachers gather in the Sears Chapel for worship led by the Director of Family Ministries and other staff and lay leaders. The chapel worship experience is engaging and age-appropriate, with members of various grades actively participating as greeters, readers, candle-lighters, and offering presenters. We invite children to experience meaning and mystery through the word of God, often sharing worship themes with the adult service. Parents are welcome to join us!

To learn more about chapel and children's worship opportunities, please contact Chris Scheller, Director of Family Ministries.

Chapel Worship

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