First Parish Church in Weston

First Parish Church Custom Calendar Order Form

This is a five-step process.

1. Choose which types of events to include


Church school

Committee meeting

Parishioner event

Public event


You can decide which types of events you want by noting which are included in these calendars:
Public calendar
Public event, Allgen, Church school
Parishioner events
Public event, Parishioner event, Allgen, Church school
Church school
Church school, Allgen
Public event, Parishioner event, Church school, Allgen, Reservation

2. Choose which fields of the events to include

Normal fields (those of interest to event attendees)

Backstage fields (those of interest to event organizers)

Web fields (those used during event editing)

3. Choose reporting interval

  Undated items only
  Current calendar (from this week on)
  or the interval based on today's date:
  Last year   This year   Next year
  Last month     This month     Next month  
  Last week   This week   Next week
  Yesterday   Today   Tomorrow
  or the interval based on another date:
    the year,   month,   week, or   day that includes the date

  or the arbitrary interval
from   ,  
through   ,  

4. Choose format


(Spreadsheet format not yet available.)


Event editor for this calendar

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